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Waiting for a Gorgo is a play in one of the host segments from the episode, Gorgo. It is a parody of the stage play Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett.  (In the film, the harbor master of Nara Island bears quite a resemblance to the real-life Samuel Beckett.)  Tom and Crow are feature and Mike plays the monster. Gypsy is the speaker.

Crow:...Nothing to be done.

Tom: I'm starting to come to that opinion.

Crow:...Let's go.

Tom. We cannot.

Crow: Why not?

Tom: Because we are waiting for Gorgo.

(Mike dressed as Gorgo enters the room roaring.)

Crow: Ahh, there he is!

(Mike pushes Crow and throws Tom, then roars and leaves)

An audience clap while Crow and Tom bows, then Mike comes, bows, then takes off the Gorgo mask, and bows again. Then they all leave. The audience continues to clap, soon later they all come backs and gives an encore. Then Gypsy comes back.

Gypsy: We will be right back after this message about whiskey and cigarettes.

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