This is my list for what episodes I want to see for Turkey day 2015, I want to watch the whole livestream, but I have to leave town for Thanksgiving. I might be able to catch some, but I won't be able to comment.

So anyways, these are my picks for Turkey day 2015, I've narrowed it down to 1 per season, and even then, it wasn't easy, so for seasons 3,4,5,6,and 8, I'll be picking 2.

Season 1 Episode 13: The Black Scorpion

Season 2 Episode 11: First Spaceship On Venus

Season 3 Episode 14: Mighty Jack

Season 3 Episode 21: Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

Season 4 Episode 18: Attack Of The Eye Creatures

Season 4 Episode 20: The Human Duplicators

Season 5 Episode 4: Secret Agent Super Dragon

Season 5 Episode 8: Operation Double 007

What? I like bad spy movies okay?!

Season 6 Episode 17: The Sword and the Dragon

Season 6 Episode 19 or 20 Red Zone Cuba/ Danger Death Ray!

I can't decide okay?!

Season 7 Episode 3: Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell

Season 8 Episode 2: The Deadly Mantis

Season 8 Episode 15: Agent for H.A.R.M

Joel, if you're reading this, of all the ones I've written, this is the one I want most.

He maintains an appliance, DAAAAADADADAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Season 9 Episode 5: The Killer Bees

Season 10 Episode 11: The Horrors of Spider Island

Joel? Are you still here? (If you were even here in the first place?) If you are here PLEEEEEEEESE include this one!

Season 0 Episode 21: Legend Of The Dinosaurs

One of my favorite cheesy movies (possibly the worst I can find. lalala.) Two words, Disco Pterodactyl. Make it happen, Hodgson.(please?)

Write what episodes you want to see in the marathon in the comments section.

See you on the live stream!

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