• JetJaggron Servo

    This is my list for what episodes I want to see for Turkey day 2015, I want to watch the whole livestream, but I have to leave town for Thanksgiving. I might be able to catch some, but I won't be able to comment.

    So anyways, these are my picks for Turkey day 2015, I've narrowed it down to 1 per season, and even then, it wasn't easy, so for seasons 3,4,5,6,and 8, I'll be picking 2.

    Season 1 Episode 13: The Black Scorpion

    Season 2 Episode 11: First Spaceship On Venus

    Season 3 Episode 14: Mighty Jack

    Season 3 Episode 21: Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

    Season 4 Episode 18: Attack Of The Eye Creatures

    Season 4 Episode 20: The Human Duplicators

    Season 5 Episode 4: Secret Agent Super Dragon

    Season 5 Episode 8: Operation Double 007

    What? I like bad spy m…

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