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MST3k 302 Tibby the Turtle

Tibby, Oh Tibby, is a song from the episode Gamera. Tom Servo sings to his (artificial) pet turtle, until Crow comes along and ruins it for Tom.


TOM: More fish flakes, sweet friend?

[lights dim, Servo sings]

Oh, Tibby, my Tibby/My heart is a mess/I don't have a protective shell/Over my chest.

So people can HURT me/With the cruel things they dooo/Yet somehow, sweet Tibby/I know you hurt, too.

Oh, Tibby, my Tibby/Reality's hard/So Tibby/Let's play in the yaaaaaaard!

Oooooooh, Tibby

Oh, Tibby!/[Crow enters]He runs like the wind/A couple of inches--aha!--/And then back again!


CROW: Uh, may I take a verse?

TOM: Oooo-doo-doooo. Well, if you feel it, Crow.

CROW: Oh, I--do. Ahem!

TOM: Well, Crow. Then by all means. Join me, won't you?

CROW (severely off key and tempo): 5, 6, 7, 8.



CROW: Oh, sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

I love you my fine lit-tle fellaaa!

Even though you gave the whole fam-i-ly salmonellaaa!

[lights rise, music stops, Joel enters]

TOM: No! No! It's not their fault!

CROW: [laughs]

TOM: It isn't their fault! Crow, you take everything good and--! You rip my heart out!!! [sobs]

CROW: Geez, I'm--I'm sorry.

JOEL: C'mon, Crow, let'm finish his song.

CROW: Oh, okay.

JOEL: Go ahead, Tom.

CROW: It's just a stupid ol' turtle.

JOEL: Go ahead, Tom.

[Servo stops crying, lights dim, spotlight on Tibby]

TOM: Thank you, Cambot.

[music begins]

Tibby, my Tibby/Your blood may be cold/But I know that your heart/Burns as hot as a coal!

It burns with the love/Only turtles can feel/Tibby--/Is our love real?

My Tibby, I'll never let the dog nose around your bowl, but you know that don't you? I can see it in your beady, little eyes! If you high-center on your rock, Tibby, I'll be there to help you down!

The toilet's not your fate, friend!/You'll always run freeeeeee/Tibby--/Long as you have meeeeeeeeeeee!

[music ends]

CROW: D'you realize a robot, just sang a love song, to a turtle?

JOEL: That was really good, Tom.

TOM: [sob] Thank you.

JOEL: We got Commercial Sign.

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