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The Film Crew -
The Wild Women of Wongo
Movie Director James L. Wolcott
Year 1958
Cast Jean Hawkshaw, Candé Gerrard, Mary Ann Webb

The Movie


A tribe consisting of women who are all beautiful and men who are all ugly (by their own self imposed social standard) have their way of life turned upside down when a handsome man visits from a distant tribe. The women save the handsome man from their tribe's jealous men by knocking over a sacred rubber alligator. This sets off a chain of event that lead the tribe to discover a second tribe with handsome men and homely women (again, by their own social standards).


The Episode

Opener - The air conditioning in Honcho World Headquarters is far too powerful and Mike and Bill are freezing to death. Mr. Honcho is on a tribal retreat in the Carribean.

Lunch Break - The air conditioning problem is resolved. Kevin shows Mike and Bill his map to Wongo, which is near Narnia, Gotham City, Shangri-La and Tatooine. Kevin's map does not include Spain, which he dismisses as mythical.

Closer - Bill invents a device to measure physical attractiveness which matches people with their ideal mates. It ends poorly for all involved.

Obscure References

  • Kevin: Now that he's killed and eaten Jeff Probst he truly is the sole survior.

Jeff Probst was the host of Survivor, one of the first successful "reality shows"

  • Mike: Our chair technology is lightyears ahead of yours!

This is a callback to MST3K: the Movie.

  • Bill: That's a Norwegian Blue...

This is imitating Michael Palin in Monty Python's Flying Circus' "Dead Parrot" sketch.

  • Mike: When my baby, When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio, De Janeiro...

The chorus of I Go To Rio by Peter Allen.

  • Mike: Stupid Exxon Valdez!

The Exxon Valdez was an oil tanker which ran aground, covering Prince William Sound in Alaska with crude oil.

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