The Mads Are Back (or, simply, "The Mads") is a live riffing project featuring former Best Brains members Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff.[1]

Trace and Frank began riffing together in early 2015, formalizing the partnership in October, 2015 with a tumbler account, Facebook page and, in November, a web site. They perform in live venues across the country, riffing old movies in classic MST3K style.

The films being riffed are not typically announced to attendees ahead of time. Films known to have been used in the shows include Wyott Ordung's Walk the Dark Street, Edward D. Wood Jr's Glen or Glenda, and The Tingler (starring Vincent Price).

Beaulieu and Conniff have discussed the pleasant time they've had on tour on their movie podcast Movie Sign with the Mads.

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  1. Official Website for The Mads Are Back

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