The Movie



The Episode

Opener - Mike comes in covered in machine grease. Mr. Honcho calls from his trip to the moon with Rita Moreno. Mike reveals that the machine grease is actually pudding.

Lunch Break - Bill explains the Battle of Marathon to Mike. He uses parts of Kevin and Mike's sandwiches to diagram the Athenian battle plan, making a mess of the lunch table.

Ender- Bill, Mike and Kevin have a stupid hat contest. Mike makes offensive comments about the Basque culture/ethnicity..

Obscure References

  • Bill: Hope that's not the head of John the Baptist she's carrying.

Salome is a Biblical character, the daughter of Herod. She danced for his birthday celebration and was granted one favor. She asked for the severed head of John the Baptist.

  • Bill: Hey, Chris Kattan!

Chris Kattan was a Saturday Night Live cast member. One of his signature characters was Mr. Peepers, an ape-boy.

  • Mike: A brief and ugly detour into Phil Spector territory.

Phil Spector was a noted music producer. He had an alleged history of abusing women and in 2009 was convicted of murdering his wife.

  • Kevin: This has become very Harlequin romance-like.

Harlequin Enterprises is a publisher who found success in printing pseudo-historic erotica. Such books, often set in the colonial to Victorian eras, are known as "bodice rippers".

  • Bill: Here comes Calligula riding a senator.

Roman emperor Caligula (Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus) had allegedly appointed his horse Incitatus to a consulship in a fit of madness.

  • Kevin: Working on a sex farm doot-di-doo-doo... Plowin' through your bean field...

Lines from the song "Sex Farm Woman" from parody heavy metal group Spinal Tap.

  • The Spartans have never trusted us. Mike: How about the Wolverines?

The Spartans and Wolverines are the team names of Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. The two schools have a longstanding football rivalry.

  • Bill: Guy, you think I should salute them because... oh, they already rocked.

For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) was a 1981 song by AC/DC.

  • Mike: The Batley Townswomen's Guild presents The Battle of Marathon.

"The Batley Townswoman's Guild" was a sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus. The guild (the show's male cast in old lady drag) puts on a reenactment of a historical event which mainly consists of grappling in the mud and hitting eachother with handbags.

  • Mike: I'll never find Steve Martin funny ever again.

Comedian/actor Steve Martin wore a gag arrow-through-the-head in some of his early stand-up appearances. It became his trademark, in a way.

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