The first episode of The Film Crew to be released features Hollywood After Dark (aka Walk the Angry Beach).

The Movie


A junk dealer finds himself caught up in a robbery scheme while becoming romantically involved with a stripper (Rue McClanahan).


The Episode

Obscure References

  • Kevin: "It's more like Barstow after Breakfast."
Barstow is a large town most notable for being directly between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
  • Mike: "He's auditioning for the role of Marlin Perkins."
Marlin Perkins was a zoologist and host of the wildlife TV show Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom from 1963 to 1985.
  • Bill: "Have you met Roger Daltery?"
Roger Daltery is the lead singer of The Who, a major 60's rock group.
  • Bill: "After this humiliating acting experience a fully radicalized Angela Davis went on to challenge the establishment."
Angela Davis is a black, feminist author and political activist.
  • Bill: "No, not fun but an incredible simulation."
Referencing Beatlemania a 1977 Broadway musical advertised as "Not the Beatles, but an incredible simulation..."
  • Mike: "Just going to do a quick Ironman, be right back."
The Ironman is a triathlon consisting of 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of bicycle racing and 26.22 miles of running.
  • Mike: "Thank you for being a friend."
"Thank You For Being a Friend" is a song by Andrew Gold. An abridged cover of the song was used as the opening theme for the TV sitcom The Golden Girls, which starred Rue McClanahan.
  • Kevin: "Yeah, just go ahead and throw your coat on my stuffed mom."
Fictional serial killer Norman Bates kept his mother's taxidermied corpse in a secret room in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho.
  • Bill: "Galadriel left her mirror there."
Galadriel is a powerful elf noblewoman in J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy novels. She possesses a mystical water basin known as Galadriel's mirror.
  • Kevin: "Hey, look on the sand there, free range nori!"
Nori is a dried seaweed used for wrapping sushi.
  • Bill: "You guys see that yacht in the distance, bet that's Bebe Rebozo."
Charles "Bebe" Ribozo was a close friend of Richard Nixon. They first met when Rebozo took Nixon on a deep sea fishing trip.
  • Bill: "It's tough living right below Desi Arnaz."
Desi Arnaz was the on-screen and off-screen husband of Lucille Ball. On the show I Love Lucy he played Ricky Ricardo, a conga drummer and Latin band leader.
  • Mike: "Ey... yeah I'm supposed to meet a Mr. Tumnus at this lamp post here."
In the book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Mr. Tumnus, a satyr, meets Lucy at the exit of the magical wardrobe. This exit is marked by a dimensionally displaced street lamp.
  • Mike: "You can dance if you want to... you can le...uuurrgh..."
Quoting "The Safety Dance", a 1983 song by Men Without Hats.