Hey, how bout some sugar for Sting and Dolph here?

Sugar is a term used by the inhabitants of The Satellite of Love when someone - usually female and usually attractive - exclusively shows affection for one person in the presence of others. The inhabitants of the SOL use this to indicate that they think the person giving the affection should share it with the others.


  • Cave Dwellers: After Ator finally defeats Zor, Mila arrives in her father's underground lair and tearfully embraces him. As Ator approached the two Joel quipped, "How about a little sugar for Ator over here, huh?"
  • I Accuse My Parents: Tom Servo remarked, "So, how about a little sugar for Happy Chef over here?"
  • Space Mutiny: After David Ryder rescues Lea Jansen she embraces her father after returning to the bridge with Ryder and Captain Devers looking on. This leads Crow to ask, "Hey, how about some sugar for Sting and Dolph here?"
  • Jack Frost: Tom Servo quipped, "How about a little sugar for the rooster?"
  • Poopie!: In a take of the first host segment Joel decides that he wants to do another take of him embracing Tom Servo, leading Crow to ask "Hey, how about a little sugar for Crow, eh?"

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