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504 - Secret Agent Super Dragon
Air Date August 7, 1993
AKA New York Chiama Superdrago;
New York Calling Superdragon;
New York Calls Superdragon;
Super Dragon
Movie Director Giorgio Ferroni
Year 1966
Cast Ray Danton, Marisa Mell, Margaret Lee, Jess Hahn, Carlo D'Angelo
Preceded by 503 - Swamp Diamonds
Followed by 505 - The Magic Voyage of Sinbad

The Movie


When an old colleague is killed, Secret Agent Super Dragon comes out of retirement to investigate a case of poisoned chewing gum that leads inexplicably to an international crime syndicate planning to take over the world with psychotropic drugs smuggled in phony Ming vases.[1]. This is the first Eurospy movie sent up by the SOL crew.


This movie was the sequel to Code Name: Jaguar.

The Episode

Host Segments

Prologue: Crow and Tom build a robot named Minsky, and Joel assumes that its annoying and repetitive behavior is just the opening act of its capabilities. He's wrong.

Segment One (Invention Exchange): Down in Deep 13, Dr. F is away at a class reunion. Frank is flying solo and comes up with Virtual Comedy. Dr. F returns in time to inject a bit of realism to Frank's virtual stand-up gig, whereupon the SOL crew present microscope slide Micro-Golf.

Segment Two: Tom's jazzy "Secret Agent Super Dragon" theme certainly isn't commercial and is mildly repetitive, but Joel knows just how to spice it up.

Segment Three: Joel & the Bots read through Crow's latest screenplay: "The Spy Who Hugged Me", a sensitive 90's style film.

Segment Four: Joel & the Bots discuss the vital nature of spy-movie post-kill puns.

Segment Five: Dr. Forrester has a supervillain conference call with the Satellite of Love, teaching the basics of starting up your own supervillain franchise.

Stinger: Henchman jumps Super Dragon, complete with xylophone accompaniment.

Obscure References

  • (A fly buzzes around a car tire) "Help me! Help me!"

Reference to the 1958 science fiction film "The Fly".

  • "If Fritz Hollings were Supermarionation."

Ernest Frederick "Fritz" Hollings was a Democratic senator from South Carolina. Supermarionation was a process created by Gerry Anderson to make especially elaborate marionettes, used most famously in the television show Thunderbirds.

  • "Secret Agent Mary Kay!"

Mary Kay is a cosmetics store where the top saleswomen earn themselves a pink Cadillac, like the one in the movie.

  • "Coleman smells something burning." "Well, they make stoves."

Coleman is a sporting goods company that specializes in camping gear, including camping stoves.

  • "Bert Convy, P.I.!"

Bert Convy was an American TV game show host.

  • "He's like a white trash Q!"

Q (short for "quartermaster") is the master gadget maker in the James Bond spy films.

  • "You see, it's called The Family Circus. Billy drew the strip today."

The Family Circus is a one-panel comic strip created by Bil Keane. On certain occasions, 7-year-old caracter Billy will "draw" one of the daily strips.

  • "Hey, it's Rula Lenska's place."

​Nobody in the United States knows who Rula Lenska is.

  • "Mario Cuomo?"

Mario Cuomo was a former governor of New York.

  • "In that light, she looks just like Geddy Lee!"

​Geddy Lee is the vocalist/bass player/keyboardist/sommelier for the prog-rock band Rush.

  • "I think you need a rest in ward 'E'..."

​In Stranded in Space (episode 305), "Ward E" is a mind control/lobotomy center (lobotomitarium?) where free-thinkers are sent; there is a similarity between the two interiors.

  • "It's Herb from Burger King!"

​In Burger King's long history of advertising belly-flops, the 1985 'Where's Herb? ' campaign is (arguably) the worst idea ever put into motion.

  • "His chin looks like a Parker House roll!"

A Parker House roll is a half-oval-shaped bread roll invented at the Parker House Hotel in Boston.

  • "Bon voyage!" "Charlie Brown!"

"Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back!)" was a 1980 animated film featuring characters from the Peanuts comic strip.

  • "Conrad Pooh and his inflatable knees."

Joel is conflating two different sketches from Monty Python's Flying Circus: it's Ken Buddha who possesses inflatable knees , while Conrad Poohs has dancing teeth .

  • "One word, Ben: plastics."

​A rather famous mis-quote from The Graduate . The full quote is viewable here .

  • "I've got some lupins!"

A reference to the 'Dennis Moore ' sketches from Monty Python's Flying Circus. John Cleese plays a misguided highwayman (also prone to digression) who, instead of stealing valuables, robs coach passengers of their flowers, which he gives to the poor. The poor are soon less than appreciative.

  • "Oh boy, this has all the markings of a Clay Shaw party!"

​New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw was accused of conspiracy in connection with John F. Kennedy's assassination. His trial ended in aquittal.

  • "I'm comin', Elizabeth!"

Phrase often said by Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) while faking a heart attack on the TV series "Sanford and Son".

  • "I hope this isn't like a John Waters film where they lick all the furniture."

Pink Flamingos is said movie.

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