Scotty Beckett in Manhunt in Space.

Scotty Beckett began his film career at the age of three, as one of "Our Gang" (the future Little Rascals). He appeared in Experiments 413 Manhunt in Space and 417 Crash of Moons.

An adorable toddler, Beckett became one of Hollywood's most popular child stars, appearing in many major motion pictures. Unfortunately Scotty wound up like many child stars, living a life of depression, and becoming addicted to drugs. He began to use drugs and alcohol as a teen, and his performance and reliability as an actor suffered. Rocky Jones was to be the last steady job of his career. His acting days finally over, Scotty made his first suicide attempt in 1962. Recovering, he decided to move into another line of work as a car salesman. Unfortunately, Beckett was unable to escape his inner demons. In 1968, at the age of 38, Scotty Beckett took his own life with an overdose of sleeping pills.

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