Ho! Ho! Ho! I'm here to kick butt and lick candy canes, and I'm all out of candy canes!
  — Santa, Fighting Pitch in Deep 13

Santa Claus, is a figure commonly associated with Christmas. He is said to give toys to the good children and coal to the bad. He has appeared on the silver screen, usually in this capacity.

Santa Claus appeared in Deep 13 during Experiment #520 (Santa Claus), in which he fought Pitch.

Santa Claus later appeared in Deep 13 during Experiment #616 (San Francisco International), where he was one of several people who were amused by Mike's impression of Steve Urkel. Pitch was also there, but they seemed to have put their ill-will aside.

Santa Claus visited Jonah Heston and the 'Bots during the Season 11 episode Il Natale Che Quasi Non Fu. He was accompanied by Mr. Whipple, and revealed some previously unknown information about himself.


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