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Zap Rowsdower is a character from the episode The Final Sacrifice. His last name, Rowsdower, was used throughout the episode.


Mike: Rowsdowermobile, away!

Crow: So, Rowsdower, is that a stupid name, or...?

Mike: And the cops pick up their Zap Rowsdower hotline.

Tom: Zap Actions Dower!

  • Troy is laying in front of a fire.
Tom (as Troy): Rowthdower, could you put out my head?

Tom: Rowsdower's got one of screendom's best rear ends.

Mike (as Troy, annoyed): Rowsdowerrr!

  • Troy leans into Rowsdowers truck window.
Crow (as Troy): Do you know how fast you were going, Rowsdower?
  • Rowsdower (to truck): Come on baby, don't let me down!
Tom (as Troy): I won't, Rowsdower!
  • The trucks wheels spin in the dirt.
Mike: RowsdowerrrRrRrRRRRRr!
  • Truck backfires.
Tom: Rowsdowers heart just exploded.

Mike: Getting water for Rowsdower. Rowsdower wants me to get water for him...

Crow: Ha, that is a classic Rowsdower-ism.

  • Rowsdower gets hit by a truck.
Mike: Ooh, you know, if you hit a Rowsdower, you get to keep it.
  • Troy is sleeping on the floor.
Tom (as Troy):...Rowsdower...*snore* Rowsdower...
  • Rowsdower rides away on a horse.
Mike (dramatically): The Lone Rowsdower!
  • All (We Will Rock You): You got mud on your face, you big Disgrace, shoving those sandwiches into your face singing, We Will, We Will Rowsdower!
Crow: Sing it!
(Rowsdower takes off coat.)
All (feelby): We Will... We Will... Rowsdower...
  • Rowsdower releases Troy.
Crow (as Troy): My Rowsdower's come for me!
  • Rowsdower and Troy hug when they resurrect the city.
Bots: (bone cracking noises, wheezing)
Mike (as Troy, choking):Rowsdower, you're squeezing my-Row-Rowsdower-Row-!
  • Zap and Troy ride off into that Canadian sunset.
Mike: Thats on Zap and Troy, The Legendary Journeys.

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