Robert Miano (born September 25, 1942) is an American actor whose film credits include: Death Wish (with Jeff Goldblum), Fear City (with Billy Dee Williams), Ballistic (with James Lew), Donnie Brasco (with Johnny Depp), Detour, Smoke Signals, Thick as Thieves, Dungeons & Dragons (with Jeremy Irons), Whacked!, Killer Weekend (with Eric Roberts and Al Sapienza), Edison Force (with Morgan Freeman), Skeleton Man (with Casper Van Dien) and Today You Die.

Miano's TV credits include: "T.J. Hooker" (with William Shatner), "Knot's Landing", "Frasier", "Vengeance Unlimited", "L.A. Heat", "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (with Alexander Siddig) and "Walker, Texas Ranger" (with Chuck Norris).

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