RDC in City Limits

In an earlier production called City Limits with James Earl Jones and Kim Cattrall.

Rae Dawn Chong is a Canadian-born actress and the daughter of comedian Tommy Chong. She is the ex-spouse of C.Thomas Howell and is best known for 80s movies such as "Commando", "The Principal", "Choose Me", "Fear City" and "Quest for Fire". She also appeared briefly on the hit show ' ' St. Elsewhere' ' and was also in movies like "Tales from the Darkside: The Movie", "Crying Freeman", "Hideaway" and "Jeff Who Lives at Home".

She appeared in Experiment #403 City Limits and at the very beginning of the movie was displaying some rear nudity which Joel Hodgson had to block with an umbrella in order to shield Tom Servo and Crow's eyes since he deemed them too young for such sexy content (when really it was to keep it clean for Comedy Central cable TV).