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According to "The toys you got free in your happy meal explode across the screen as the loosening of FCC regulations on marketing directly to children is now a major motion picture! And the now grown-up targets of that marketing once again obeyed their overlords, turning Transformers into the loudest hit of the year! Shia LaBeouf (from the German meaning "diffident steak") stars alongside Megan Fox, who certainly lives up to her name (she looks like a Megan)! Optimus Prime (which the Feds just raised by a quarter point) battles the evil Decepticons led by the eviler Megatron for control of the Allspark, which is possibly the silliest thing ever conceived by man." [1]


The Episode

Quotes & References

  • (The title card "In association with Hasbro, Inc." appears.)

Mike: "Ooh, and that's all the Oscar commitee needed to see." Transformers was nominated for an Oscar award in 2008 for "Best Visual Effects", but lost to The Golden Compass. Coincidentally, this commentary was released before the 2008 Academy Awards aired.

  • "And just when all hope seemed lost, message of a new discovery drew us to an unknown planet called..."
    Mike: "Ah. Figures."

Melmac was the fictional home planet of the title character in the television series ALF. The name is a joke reference to the Melmac brand of dinnerware made popular in the 1950s.

  • Bill:"The mood is somber at Camp Swampy ever since the Buxley v Halftrack harassment suit."

Camp Swampy is the setting of Mort Walker's comic strip Beetle Bailey. Miss Buxley is the curvaceous secretary of Brigadier General Amos T. Halftrack , and his lecherous attention to her is a frequent source of the strip's humor.

  • "Sir, just ask yourself. What would Jesus do?"
  • Bill:"Or at the very least, what would Mr. Feeney do?"

Mr. Feeny was the teacher on the 1990s sitcom Boy Meets World.

  • (The surviving Marine unit is out in the Qatar desert, trying to send out an SOS signal.)

"Our radio's fried. I've got no communication with aerial."
Bill: "Nor Prince Eric." Prince Eric is the love interest of the main character, Ariel, in the movie The Little Mermaid.

  • (Optimus is menacing the Sector 7 agents.)

Mike:"Uh... my favorite show is Small Wonder." Small Wonder was a sitcom from the 1980s whose focus was a lifelike robot child.

  • "Mr. Secretary..."

"James Spader is here to spank you!" A reference to the 2002 movie Secretary, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal as a secretary who enters into a BDSM relationship with her boss, played by Spader.

  • (During the confusing Michael Bay-directed fight scenes between the humans and the Deceptions, Bill threatens to kill Mike after Mike comments that he may have accidentally contributed to the making of the film by buying his nephew a Transformers toy.)

"Actually, it was a Beast Wars figurine!" [Beast Wars] was an animal-themed Transformers toyline from the late 1990s, accompanied by a CGI animated series which was praised by fans for its dark overtones and character development.

  • (Mikaela hits the brakes on the tow truck that is carrying Bumblebee, causing his battle visor to come down over his face. Bumblebee playfully raises one of the visors like lifting one side of sunglasses.)

Kevin: Looks like a drive-by, Miami-style." Kevin quotes David Caruso's character from "CSI: Miami", who always cracks a one-liner while putting on his sunglasses while The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" begins to play after the "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" introduction.

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