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Star Trek: Generations – truly a loving gift from one generation to the next. Much like that 15-pound, 10 percent water-added Danish ham that your uncle Clark who lives in Rockford mailed to you on Thanksgiving, the one that cracked open in transport and arrived at your doorstop in a brine soaked box, stinking like a week old corpse. Yes, this is the legendary Star Trek that at long last teams two of the series' most enduring elements – Scotty, and a size 74 uniform. Not to mention a performance by respected British actor Malcolm McDowell that can only be described as, well, dis-un-respect-ulating. And Klingon cleavage? Generations has it in great heaping mounds! Mike and Kevin Murphy climb once more unto the breach for a fun-filled, intergenerational riff. [1]


Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) attends the launching of the USS Enterprise-B, successor to the USS Enterprise-A, which he commanded. This unfinished and unprepared Enterprise-B is commanded by the young and inexperienced Captain John Harriman. Pressed into a rescue mission during its maiden voyage, Enterprise rescues 47 El-Aurian refugees caught in an "energy ribbon." Among those rescued are Tolian Soran and Guinan. Captain Kirk appears to be killed during the rescue mission.

Seventy-eight years later, the USS Enterprise-D, captained by Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), receives and responds to a distress call from the Amargosa solar observatory station. The crew finds that the station has been attacked, apparently by Romulans. One survivor, Tolian Soran, returns to the station ostensibly to complete an important experiment. Soran then launches a trilithium-based projectile into the heart of the Amargosa star, causing it to nova. He takes Geordi La Forge prisoner aboard the station, and escapes with him aboard a Klingon bird-of-prey belonging to the Duras sisters.

Guinan explains to Picard that Soran's goal is to return to the "Nexus", and that the energy ribbon is a gateway to this place where all of one's desires become reality. With Data's help, Picard determines that Soran's destruction of stars alters the local gravitation field, allowing him to alter the energy ribbon's course. Picard and Data discover that for Soran to enter the Nexus, he must bring the ribbon to him as he waits on the planet Veridian III. In order to bring the ribbon that close, Soran must cause the Veridian star to nova, which would destroy all the planets in the solar system, one of which is inhabited.

When the Enterprise arrives at Veridian III, they are met by the Duras sisters, who offer to trade Picard for La Forge. As Picard transports to the planet and attempts to reason with Soran, La Forge returns to his duties, unaware that Soran has implanted a transmitter in his visor. The Duras sisters use the transmitter to determine the frequency of the Enterprise's shields, configure their weapons to penetrate them, and shortly thereafter attack. Although the Klingon ship is destroyed, the Enterprise crew is forced to evacuate to the saucer section as the warp core explodes. The saucer section crash lands on Veridian III and is unsalvageable.

Picard discovers that Soran has a trilithium weapon aimed at the Veridian star set on a timer and protected by a force field. Picard is unable to stop Soran's missile in time, and before the shockwave of the nova hits the planet and destroys the Enterprise 's saucer section, both he and Soran are pulled into the Nexus. There Picard experiences his greatest dream: to have a family. He encounters a shadow of Guinan who reminds him to focus on his mission. Captain Picard then meets Kirk, who had been pulled into the Nexus 78 years earlier. While Kirk is initially reluctant to leave the Nexus, Picard eventually convinces him that his duty to Starfleet is a greater calling. They leave the Nexus and return soon before Soran's missile is set to launch. Together, they defeat Soran by locking the launching mechanism, causing the missile to explode on the launchpad, killing Soran. Kirk suffers a fatal injury during the battle. Picard buries Kirk, then travels to the wreckage of the Enterprise's saucer section. There, he and Riker find Picard's photo album and talk about the nature of time before beaming aboard one of the Starfleet rescue ships. Picard doubts that "...this will be the last ship to carry the name Enterprise."[2]

The Episode

Running Jokes

  • (Captain Kirk is telling Captain Harriman to maintain control of the Enterprise while he goes down to the engine room to generate enough power to free the Enterprise from the rift.)
    "Your place is on the bridge of your ship."
    Mike: "Mine's at"

William Shatner is the long-running spokesperson for, an arrangement that has apparently been quite lucrative for him. References to this were also present in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Quotes & References

  • "Cameron!"
  • "I remember reading about your missions when I was in grade school."
    "Oh really?"
    "Yeah, Ferris and I thought they were so lame."

Kevin makes reference to the fact that Captain John Harriman is played by Alan Ruck who is also known for playing Cameron Frye in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off alongside Matthew Broderick.

  • "My father's told me some... Interesting stories about you."
    "Ya perv!"

Captain Kirk has a reputation for womanizing throughout the run of the original "Star Trek" series.

  • "Helm..."
    "Helm the Hammerhand?!"

Helm Hammerhand was the ninth King of Rohan and last King of the first line, in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium.

  • "Ahh my Dell!"

Dell laptops have been known for volatile batteries, occasionally leading to sudden fires and explosions.

  • (A confused and disoriented Soran is shuffled around with the other refugees of the doomed ship) "Why!? Why??"
  • Mike: "Why? Why do I take these cheesy roles? Why? I'm a better actor than this. I can prove it! I can do Lear! I can be a brilliant Prospero, but what do I get? Tank Girl!"

Malcolm McDowell was an actor in the Royal Shakespeare Company before entering films. Mike pokes fun at the fact that despite this very impressive credential, he is still left with movies such as the box office flop Tank Girl.

  • "Soran... Doctor Tolian Soran."
    "The dark lord?"

Kevin mistakes Soran's name for Sauron's from Lord of the Rings.

  • (Picard is holding a device which looks like a Gameboy.)"Sir, is there anything..."
    "No. Thank you."
    "No, please, I have Mario in swimmy world."

Kevin makes a reference to Super Mario Bros., and the water world level in particular.

  • (Dr. Soran pulls a out a pocket watch and quickly glances at it)
    Mike: "Maybe he's still on the trail of Jack the Ripper."

Malcolm McDowell starred in the film Time After Time, in which he played H.G. Wells chasing Jack the Ripper through time.

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