Persis Khambatta (October 2, 1948 – August 18, 1998) was an Indian actress. Khambatta is most well known for playing Lieutenant Ilia in the 1979 movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

In addition to her Star Trek role, Khambatta is known to Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans for playing the role of Nastasia in the 1983 film Warrior of the Lost World, which Joel Robinson and the bots later skewered in a 1993 episode. Khambatta had previously starred in the 1982 film Megaforce, which became a Rifftrax presentation in 2015.

Khambatta died in Mumbai, India on August 18, 1998 due to a heart attack. She had been taken to Marine Hospital in Mumbai after experiencing chest pains. Her funeral was held the following day in Mumbai.


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