Get bent, you robot-loving turd!
  — Nuveena, after Mike tells her to leave the Satellite

Nuveena, the Woman of the Future, was originally an unnamed character from Design for Dreaming, a musical short featured in Experiment 524, 12 to the Moon. A thinly-disguised promotional short for selling cars, the nameless woman (played by Tad Tadlock) sung, danced, and popped her way through a strange "world of the future" that didn't look much different from a showroom floor of the year 1956.

Later in the same episode, Nuveena (played by Bridget Jones) appeared on the Satellite of Love during the episode's host segments with the intent to bring Mike Nelson and the 'Bots with her into her utopian future world. However, the relationship ended on a sour note when Nuveena used her magic powers to turn Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, and Gypsy into appliances (because robots of the future were "meant to be used and put on the shelf"), and Mike was ultimately forced to make Nuveena leave. As with the original short, Nuveena's primary means of communication was through song and dance, and she wouldn't even register Mike's presence unless he too sung.

Nuveena later made a brief appearance on the SOL during San Francisco International, where she joined the other characters in uproarious laughter over Mike's Steve Urkel impression until Torgo arrived and made everyone uncomfortable.

Thelma tad tadlock

Tad Tadlock the original Nuveena

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