Trace Bealieu promoting the CD-ROM during Turkey Day '95.

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 CD-ROM was an unreleased product planned for spring of 1996. It was to be produced by The Voyager Company, and was only partially completed. Production apparently took place between Season 6 and Season 7. A short promotional spot for the CD-ROM was broadcast during Turkey Day '95.

The CD-ROM was intended to contain 2 industrial shorts (Assignment: Venezuela and What's It to You? Mylar), as well as a "flight simulator" and some other material.

A rough cut of Assignment: Venezuela was screened for a live audience at ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama 2: Electric Boogaloo. It has since become available to view online, and was included as a special feature on the Shout! Factory DVD of The Killer Shrews.

The master tape of What's It To You: Mylar was reportedly misplaced in the Best Brains offices, and has yet to surface. It is considered a "lost" short.

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