Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (Music from the Netflix Original Series) is the official soundtrack to Season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It was released digitally on September 1, 2017 by Shout! Factory Records.


Track listing

  1. MST3K Love Theme" by Har Mar Superstar & Felicia Day (1:29)
  2. "Every Country Has a Monster" by Jonah Ray & Baron Vaughn & Hampton Yount & Rebecca Hanson (2:55)
  3. "Our Love Is on Wings (You Can't See)" by Neil Patrick Harris & Felicia Day & Patton Oswalt (3:04)
  4. "UFO" by Jonah Ray & Baron Vaughn & Hampton Yount (1:09)
  5. "Push Past the Hurting (When a Movie Hurts Too Much)" by Jonah Ray & Baron Vaughn & Hampton Yount & Felicia Day & Patton Oswalt (2:18)
  6. "The Magic in You" by Jonah Ray (2:38)
  7. "The Great Space Circus" by Mark Hamill & Jonah Ray & Baron Vaughn & Hampton Yount (2:10)
  8. "Aloha (With Florence Gypsy, the Last of the Ice-Cold Mamas)" by Rebecca Hanson (1:52)
  9. "Moon 14 Mesozoic Ranch Dinosaur BBQ Theme" by Felicia Day & Patton Oswalt & Jonah Ray & Paul & Storm (2:55)
  10. "MST3K Love Theme (8-Bit Version)" by Paul and Storm (0:21)
  11. "Curious Vermin" by Paul and Storm (0:55)
  12. "Busy Bots" by Paul and Storm (1:22)
  13. "Seraph" by Paul and Storm (1:20)
  14. "Disco Fever 4evar" by Paul and Storm (1:16)
  15. "Fashion Techno" by Paul and Storm (1:34)
  16. "Creepy Parade" by Paul and Storm (1:14)
  17. "Gossip Harp" by Paul and Storm (0:43)
  18. "Growler Suite" by Eban Schletter (0:58)
  19. "MST3K Love Theme (Midi Version)" by Charlie Erickson (1:26)
  20. "My Creepy Girl" by The Skeleton Crew (0:50)
  21. "I Wish I Was Back in Old Canada (The Canada Song)" by The Skeleton Crew (0:36)
  22. "(Let's Have) A Patrick Swayze Christmas" by The Skeleton Crew (1:04)
  23. "Livin' in Deep 13" by The Skeleton Crew (1:22)
  24. "Sidehackin'" by The Skeleton Crew (1:05)
  25. "To Earth" by The Skeleton Crew (0:45)
  26. "The United Servo Academy Men's Chorus Hymn" by The Skeleton Crew (1:20)
  27. "Wild Rebels Cereal" by The Skeleton Crew (0:28)
  28. "Clown in the Sky" by The Skeleton Crew (1:49)
  29. "Mighty Science Theater" by F.A.M.E.'s Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra (1:06)
  30. "When Loving Lovers Love" by Mary Jo Pehl (0:14)

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