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Formerly Joel's room, this is the room where Mike lives when he's not watching movies. It is often the target of vandalism from the Bots. For instance, when Tom threw a mannequin through Mike's window, making it impossible for him to go in until the hole was fixed.

The only glimpse into Mike's room ever seen is during a host segment for Experiment 910 The Final Sacrifice, when the Bots plant a camera (a.k.a. the Mobile Personnel
Mike's Room

Mike working out in the "privacy" of his own room.

Reconnaissance Robot
) there to find out just what kind of pajamas Mike wears. This glimpse reveals that Mike has a duo of stuffed animals on his bed which he pretends to have interact with one another before he goes to sleep. It also shows a poster of Clint Eastwood from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly taped to the inner hull over his bed.

Behind the scenes

Mike's room was filmed on a redressed section of the right side of the Bridge set.

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