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Mike's Robot
Played by Unknown
Appeared in 0602 - Invasion USA
Location Satellite of Love
Character type Minor

Mike's Robot (also known by some fans as the "Destroy Robot" or "Dee-Stroy" - the intended/proper name is unknown) was a robot created by Mike Nelson in the prologue of the episode Invasion USA, which ultimately malfunctioned.



The Robot destroyed

It was unknown how or why Mike started building the Robot in the first place (presumably it is purely in lieu of Joel; to try and do something he did in other words), or what its intended function on the SOL was, and what it was generally made from.

But when it was activated, it attempted to attack the SOL crew while chanting "Destroy, Destroy, Destroy [etc]" until Mike stopped it by pressing a screwdriver against its neck, but as he walked away the robot started up again and thus continued to raise havoc on the SOL (and presumed to carry on doing so during the commercial sign).

Crow and Tom's opinion of the robot while Mike was building it was highly enthusiastic (with Crow even claiming it to be cute), but after causing havoc and significantly scaring the bots, they lost all respect and positivity towards it (and even spat on it before the robot's unexpected re-activation).

However during commercial sign and the beginning of the first host segment, the Robot was crushed and battered by Mike and the Bots, and was thus deactivated and destroyed for good (with the Bots telling Mike that he cannot and should not make robots again).


In spite of its similar Bric-a-Brac construction nature like the other bots on the ship, there are several things that set it apart from them internally and externally, such as:

  • A less defined body/function.
  • The use of wheels to move around (though he appears to hover at one point like Tom Servo).
  • Not streamlined and symmetrical like the other bots (though Cambot's later forms from Season 5-10 are asymetrical too).
  • An actual operating hand (unlike the sometimes ambiguous/inconsistent nature of Tom and Crow's arms/hands when on-screen).
  • A heavy internal sound while it's functioning.
  • a more highly processed voice (which seems to have been scrambled when it got up again). 
  • A lack of proper humanity (as upon activation it behaved quite robotically with its only perception to destroy).

Curiously when it was destroyed it was emitting green smoke.


The robot made it's first and only appearence in Invasion USA, and was not mentioned ever since.

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