Miguel Ángel Fuentes is a Mexican actor who's probably best known to MiSTies for his role as the Aztec shaman Vadinho in The Pumaman (with Donald Pleasence, with whom he also co-starred years later in Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie).

Earlier, he also had a much smaller role as a guard in the Roger Corman production Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell (with John Allen Nelson and Thom Christopher). Fuentes also appeared in 1978's The Bermuda Triangle, which became a Rifftrax presentation in 2012.

Other films that Fuentes appeared in that may be of interest MSTies include Manaos (with Jorge Rivero), Fitzcarraldo (with Klaus Kinski), Separate Vacations, Mission Kill (with Robert Ginty), Oceans of Fire (with Billy Dee Williams and David Carradine), Hot Pursuit, Gunmen (with Patrick Stewart and Christopher Lambert), The Mexican (with Julia Roberts) and Blow (with Johnny Depp).


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