Michael Pataki in his later years

Michael Pataki (January 16, 1938 - April 15, 2010) is a character actor who appeared in three different MST3K featured films: Experiment K15 Superdome, Experiment 202 The Side Hackers and Experiment 1010 It Lives by Night.

Pataki has appeared in numerous television productions, from the black and white days of "Playhouse 90", "The Twilight Zone, and My Favorite Martian to early color shows like "The Flying Nun", "Bonanza", "All in the Family", "Batman" (with series regular Adam West), "Mannix" and "The Green Hornet". Pataki was also a regular on Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers and The Amazing Spider-Man, and had a re-occurring role on McCloud. One of his most famous roles was as Korax, the loudmouthed Klingon who started the bar fight in "The Trouble With Tribbles" episode of "Star Trek" (with William Shatner).

He also played Governor Karnas on the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Too Short a Season" and George Liquor in the episodes of The Ren and Stimpy Show entitled "Dog Show" and "Man's Best Friend". He was also the voice of The Cow in Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures (along with many other secondary characters). Pataki played a guest spot on Happy Days Season 4 (with Ron Howard) as Count Malachi, one half of the Malachi Brothers where he uttered the famous line "Let the pigeons loose".

Pataki has appeared in various movies of varying qualities including playing the head of the Soviet boxing team in Rocky IV (with Sylvester Stallone) and even directed Gypsy's icon Richard Basehart in Mansion of the Doomed. He directed Cinderella, which starred Cheryl Smith in 1977.


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