Matt Claude Van Damme is a mysterious, purple-jumpsuited person seen in Kingachrome footage during the final host segment for Experiment #1112 - Carnival Magic.


At the conclusion of Experiment 1112, Kinga and Max "host" a mock parade featuring pre-fab figures from the movie Carnival Magic. At one point, Matt Claude and the Bots are seen on the Kingachrome screen, prompting Kinga to laughingly remark:

Please ignore that, since you didn't see anything, because it doesn't exist.


  • The name "Matt Claude Van Damme" is in keeping with the MST3K tradition of giving the human subject of the experiment the same first name as the actor portraying them.
  • No information has been given as to who exactly Matt Claude is. It is unclear if he is a former test subject, concurrent test subject, android, clone, holographic projection, shape-shifting alien, etc.
  • The brief shot appears to be test footage of associate producer/writer Matt McGinnis inserted for comic effect (or possibly to cover an edit).


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