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TV's Frank and Dr. Forrester
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The Mads
is the term originally coined by Joel Robinson he and the other Satellite of Love crew members used to collectively describe their mad scientist captors. The Mads can be roughly divided into four sets (with a few extra additions due to circumstances) based around the central mads present at the time per season:

Set 1 (KTMA and Season 1)

Set 2 (Season 2-6)

Set 3 (Season 7)

Set 4 (Season 8 -10)

Mirror Universe (Last of the Wild Horses )


  • Dr Clayton Forrester

The Mads
People Dr. Clayton ForresterDr. Laurence ErhardtTV's FrankPearl ForresterProfessor BoboBrain GuyMike Nelson (mirror)Crow (mirror)Tom Servo (mirror)Gypsy (mirror)Gerry and Sylvia
Locations Gizmonic InstituteDeep 13Deep ApeThe WidowmakerAncient RomeCastle Forrester

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