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K04 - Gamera vs Barugon
Air Date December 4, 1988
AKA War of the Monsters
Movie Director Shigeo Tanaka
Year 1966
Cast Kojiro Hongo, Kyôko Enami, Koji Fujiyama, Akira Natsuki
Preceded by K03 - Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
Followed by K05 - Gamera

The Movie


In this lively Japanese sci-fi fantasy, Gamera, that terrifying jet-propelled terrapin from outer space, returns to Earth to save Tokyo and the rest of the world from Barugon, the horrific gigantic lizard with insta-freeze breath. [1]


See Episode 304

The Episode

Host Segments

Prologue: Joel introduces the movie and plays a message from a happy caller.

Segment One: Joel & the Bots listen to messages from two more viewers. The first caller is angry about the "constant interruptions" (i.e, the riffing), but the second caller wants "More! More! More!"

Segment Two: Gypsy gets upset when a caller asks for "less movie, more chapstick". The crew promises to use more chapstick in the future, and Joel offers Gypsy a choice between regular and wintergreen.

Segment Three: Crow explains the best ways to keep various body orifices clean and healthy. "Never put anything in your ear larger than a pirate!"

Segment Four: Servo and Crow make prank phone calls to Domino's Pizza and Dan Quayle. Crow explains several uses for doggie-doo, and Joel invites viewers to call in with their comments.[1]

Obscure References

  • "a hunka hunka burning love" Burning Love by Elvis Presley


  • Until late 2016. This was the earliest KTMA episode that has been "found" by fans.
  • Segment one appears on the Mst3k Scrapbook tape.


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