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110 - Robot Holocaust
Air Date 13 January, 1990
MST3K Director Jim Mallon
Movie Director Tim Kincaid
Year 1987
Cast Norris Culf, Nadine Hart, Angelika Jager
Short Radar Men From the Moon - Chapter 9: Battle in the Stratosphere
Short Director Fred C. Brannon
Year 1951
Cast George Wallace
Preceded by 109 - Project Moon Base
Followed by 111 - Moon Zero Two

“I think somebody’s forgettin’ who’s holdin’ the pink slip, little lady!”

The Short



The film breaks

Despite being chased and shot at by Moon Men, Ted and Cody successfully transport the lunarium back to their rocketship. They depart Earth with the Lunarium when...

It is at this point that the film breaks and the Commando Cody short ends; likewise ending the MADs torturing the SOL crew with the serial


  • This is the final part of Radar Men on the Moon to air on MST3K. Only 8.5 parts of the 12-part serial ultimately aired and were satirized on the show.

The Movie



A guy named Neo, a robot uprising, and humanity enslaved to power to a computer mainframe. Sounds like the makings of a science fiction classic, right? Well, you're thirteen years too early. This movie features all of the above, plus an evil woman who just had her wisdom teeth pulled, and a gigantic avocado. Lobster headed robots, a kleptomaniac C3PO knockoff, and a huge Nuge round out the cast. Oh, and sock puppets with teeth.

While we're at it, there are also a couple women with ridiculously impractical outfits, and just enough carelessness in location scouting to make you think that maybe, just maybe, our intrepid voyageurs are trekking through modern day Central Park. And Long Island City. Not some wasteland in the distant future.


Watch as the dry-socketed villainess Valaria gradually turns into a sleazy Marlene Dietrich. Thrill to the huge Nuge's journey of personal discovery, transforming from mindless sex toy to bomb-squad lieutenant. Watch as Neo's robot buddy slips farther and farther into C3PO mimicry until he suffers a breakdown that was stolen lock stock and barrel from Empire Strikes Back. Sit breathless as robots who look like crustaceans with claws sharpened into swords fight with Neo and the huge Nuge. Be amazed at the new uses found for dark room timers and abandoned factory equipment. Will the huge Nuge run out of bronzer? Will Neo survive to become Keanu Reeves? Will the Dark One (Doug Warren) be defeated? Will Deeja's father make an excellent guacamole? Find out on tonight's episode of Valaria Faces Life.


  • Robot Holocaust was filmed entirely in New York City; despite being set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, landmarks such as the Chrysler Building can be clearly seen in the background.
  • Like all the R-rated movies shown on the show, this film had to have a few scenes that included toplessness and violence trimmed for the airing.
  • Much of the music in Robot Holocaust was lifted from Laserblast, which would become an experiment in Season 7.
  • Released theatrically in Italy.

The Episode

Host Segments


Ski mask of the future

Prologue: Joel makes light of his situation with a blues song, and remarks that he can handle it because he's a "hu-man".

Invention Exchange:

Joel - 'Nitro Burning Funny Pipe'

Mads - Ski mask of the future with articulated eyebrows

Segment Two: Crow and Tom pretend they’re in the “We Zone” and they order Joel to do tricks

Segment Three: Cambot’s sitcom simulator malfunctions, resulting in random bursts from his laugh track

Segment Four: Joel and the bots pretend to be characters from the movie. Tom is totally into it, but Crow and Joel aren’t

Ending Segment: Joel invites viewers to send in name ideas for the avocado scientist guy in the movie, and they read a letter


  • Due to the rights issues with Women of the Prehistoric Planet, this is the first color film in the national show. This follows on a joke from the letters column in the previous episode that stated they hadn't done any color movies up to that point, thus everyone's excitement when the MADs announce this movie was in color.
  • The "We Zone" sketch refers to the "She Zone" scene in the movie, which had not occurred in the movie when this sketch occurs in the episode.


Obscure References

  • "She studied under Buckwheat, I guess."

Billy "Buckwheat" Thomas was an African-American member of the "Our Gang" shorts of the 1930s and 1940s. He spoke with a similar disregard for certain consonants. Eddie Murphy homaged him in early seasons of Saturday Night Live

  • "In this ring I a compartment I fill with a proton super energy pill." "Thank you, Shoeshine. You're humble and skeletal."

Underdog was a cartoon superhero who often spoke in rhyming couplets. His alter ego, Shoeshine Boy, was described as humble and lovable. Underdog did not derive his power from pills, though. Joel seems to be conflating Underdog with Roger Ramjet, a different animated hero.

  • "My favorite food? Cherry Pez, no question about it."

This is a line from the movie Stand by Me, when the kids are sitting around the campfire talking.

  • "Hey, it says, 'Basement to the Alamo'."

A reference to Pee-wee's Big Adventure; Pee-wee is told by a fortuneteller he will find his bicycle in the basement of the Alamo, but when he gets there, he finds out the Alamo doesn't have a basement (which is accurate).

  • "Woo-hoo, Cleveland!  Rock and roll!  Let's do it!"

Said multiple times, this is a line from This is Spinal Tap, when the band is wandering around in the service corridors of a stadium, unable to find the stage.

Video release

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