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"Capsule?" CAPSULE! "Capsule?" CAPSULE!
  — Jonah, Tom Servo, and Crow T. Robot, mocking Mission Control's contact attempts.

The movie

Main article: Yongary - Monster from the Deep (film)

Earthquakes in central Korea turn out to be the work of Yongary, a prehistoric gasoline-eating reptile that soon goes on a rampage through Seoul.[1]


  • The original South Korean cut of the film, Great Monster Yongary, is partially lost, with only forty-eight minutes of the original footage remaining.[2][3]
  • In 1999, Yongary was remade as "Yonggary". The remake was released in the United States as Reptilian in 2001, with cover art that made an attempt to capitalize on the 1998 release of the American Godzilla. Both versions feature the same CGI effects. .[4]

The episode

Host segments

Prologue: Jonah and the Bots have a dream-journal meeting. Tom shares an highly-detailed dream, while Crow mutters "electric sheep" as his.

Segment One: The Invention Exchange. Jonah makes angry office desk-flipping less messy and more fun with "Tiny Desks". Kinga announces a business deal with the makers of "Hitler Coffee" (named after Todd Hitler of San Francisco), but quickly has second thoughts and cancels the deal.

Segment Two: Jonah is offended by the movie's portrayal of astronauts and discusses how the music they listened to on their space missions says so much about them.

Segment Three: Tom wants Jonah to invest in Seoul's most crushable nightclub- Yongary Nights.

Segment Four: Jonah gets some more spacesuit work in as he and the Bots wonder what it would be like to have a monster for a friend.

Segment Five: Jonah and the Bots sing Push Past the Hurting (When a Movie Hurts Too Much) to cope with Yongary's graphic death scene, and it moves the Mads so much that they consider giving up their evil ways... briefly.

Stinger: Yongary and Icho dance.

Obscure references

  • "I'll bet Neil deGrasse Tyson has a problem with this scene, too."
Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator. He will often comment publicly about the scientific inaccuracies in popular films/TV shows. He has been a guest on the Nerdist podcast (which Jonah Ray co-hosts) three times.[5]
  • "Toonces!"
When the car goes over the cliff, Jonah references Toonces the Driving Cat from numerous sketches on late 80's to early 90's era Saturday Night Live. The sketches typically ended with stock footage of a car being driven over a cliff and exploding on impact.
  • "I'm the baby! Gotta love me!"
Catchphrase of Baby Sinclair from the 1990s sitcom Dinosaurs.
  • "Yongary already ate after midnight and now he's getting wet? This is going to be trouble."
A reference to the titular creatures of the movie Gremlins. Owners of the creatures called Mogwai were warned not to get them wet (or they would reproduce), feed them after midnight (or they would turn into dangerous Gremlins), or expose them to bright light (or they would shrivel and die).
  • "Stay down, Rock!"
Crow is imitating Burgess Meredith's cantankerous trainer character Mickey from the Rocky movies.
  • "Intergalactic planetary!"
A reference to the song "Intergalactic" by the Beastie Boys. The outfits worn by the space workers resemble those worn by the band for the music video. It may just be coincidence (as Yongary hasn't been seen yet) but the video also parodies Japanese Kaiju with a giant robot fighting an octopus creature.
  • "Yongary, come out and plaayy!"
A reference to the phrase said by Luther in the climax of The Warriors.
  • "Porkins, no!"
A reference to the rebel pilot Porkins from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope who is killed in the attack on the Death Star.

Behind the scenes

MST3K cast

Regular cast

The Skeleton Crew

Guest cast

MST3K crew

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Video releases



Film's IMDB Page

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