Waverly is a robot built by Jonah Heston who appeared in Season 11 of MST3K.

Waverly appeared during The Loves of Hercules, where he attempted to mingle with Jonah and the Bots during one of their sketches. Tom and Crow took incredible offense to Waverly and did not like how Jonah was attempting to ruin the show's character dynamic by introducing another robot. They then forced Waverly to shut down, ripping his arm off in the process.

In the Watch Out for Snakes! Tour, Waverly could be seen sweeping the stage during intermission at the Eegah show, and appeared before Act 2 of the Secret Surprise Film. In the latter appearance, it was revealed that Tom had rebuilt him and intended to keep this a secret from Crow.

Behind the Scenes

The creation of Waverly was revealed during updates to the Kickstarter campaign.

In update #25, a video of a cardboard mock-up of Waverly was shown, but no more information was provided.[1]

In update #27, Joel revealed images of Waverly's maquette, a digital rendering and a video showing a prototype of the puppet in motion. At that time, Joel referred to the robot as "Mr. Waverly", revealing that his name was inspired by the character of Alexander Waverly from The Man from U.N.C.L.E..[2]

Waverly made his broadcast debut in a facebook live video, serving to introduce Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.[3]



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