Lois Maxwell in Operation Double 007

Lois Maxwell (14 February 1927 - 29 September 2007) was a Golden Globe-winning Canadian actress, best known for originating the role of Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond franchise, which she played for fourteen films.


MST3K K01 - Invaders from the Deep

Maxwell provided the voice for Atlanta Shore, the daughter of crusty wheelchair-bound Commander Sam Shore, in the British TV supermarionation series Stingray, episodes of which this "movie" was built from. As the first ever broadcast episode of MST3K on KTMA, no fan-copies exist so it is not known what riffs if any refered to Maxwell, though good odds of at least one Moneypenny riff.

Operation Double 007

After producer Dario Sabatello got then-James Bond star Sean Connery's brother Neil for his film, he hired a number of actors who had appeared in the Bond series to support his "star", Lois Maxwell taking the role of Ms. Maxwell, superficially similar to Moneypenny, while also being a more violent and hands-on agent in the field. The majority of the riffs on her performance are based on the similarity.

Maxwell claimed that she was paid more for her role in this spoof than her role as Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond films. She also claimed that Sean Connery was initially upset with her for allegedly exploiting his brother but later thanked her for supporting Neil.

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