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# Ep. Movie Original Release Date Cover
1 FC001 Hollywood After Dark July 7, 2007 Hollywoodafterdark
Rue McLanahan plays a young woman trying to make it in Hollywood who discovers the city's seamy underbelly first-hand.
2 FC002 Killers from Space August 7, 2007 Killersfromspace
Peter Graves is a scientist who must single-handedly stop an alien plot to conquer the Earth.
3 FC003 The Wild Women of Wongo September 11, 2007 Wildwomenofwongo
A race of jungle-dwelling women are surprised to find that all men are not ape-like beasts.
4 FC004 The Giant of Marathon October 9, 2007 GiantOfMarathon
Steve Reeves stars as Phillipides in this film depicting a battle between Greeks and Persians that isn't 300.

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