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Leslie McRae is an American actress best known for her leading role in Experiment #1002 Girl in Gold Boots


Coming from an underprivileged childhood gave Leslie McRae the drive to make sure that she would leave a mark in Hollywood. She won a trip around the World with Ms Universe as Ms Hawaii. She quickly became a favorite of the photographers and became an International Model and Cover Girl. She worked in numerous films. She decided that she enjoyed being a Producer and Writer more than in being in front of the camera. She has produced over (60) sixty TV specials, of which many won Awards to include: DOVE, HALO, Parables, VIFFI, Valley International Film Festival for her films. She formed a non profit and is now specializing in "Faith Based films" such is "Hometown Legend" (a Warner Bros. release), "Day of Miracles" (airs to 3 billion on TBN on the anniversary of 9.11., "Celebrity Miracles" (featuring Angelina Jolie', Russell Crowe, The Rock, Stallone, Caveizel, and Wahlberg!

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