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Leonardo da Vinci
Played by David Kriegel
Bill Corbett
Appeared in 913 - Quest of the Delta Knights
Location Hexfield Viewscreen
Character type Movie, Guest

Leonardo da Vinci, the famous artist, inventor and scientist, featured as a character in the film Quest of the Delta Knights (episode 913), played by actor David Kriegel. He was a young, struggling artist who became inspired by his discoveries in the cave of Archimedes at the end of the film.

Da Vinci appears on the SOL, played by Bill Corbett, in the Hexfield Viewscreen in the fourth host segment. He arrives to tell Mike and the Bots that the portrayal of him in the movie is false, and that "I'm not a mook like this guy". He emmigrated to the United States in the early 20th Century and is living in Queens. He talks like a Mafioso, and threatens Servo when he asks too many questions about his life.

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