Kingachrome is the liquid video medium that Kinga Forrester uses to store and deploy the movies she sends Jonah Heston. The technology is developed in Moon 14, which is located a level below Moon 13.

While Kinga promotes her invention as the best video medium ever, Max says that the visual quality is less than SD (that is, less than the old television video quality) and that it spills often. Glitches in the video (which manifest as bubbles in the transmission) happen from time to time when Kinga and Jonah are communicating. Despite the poor quality of Kingachrome, the movies still appear as HD on the broadcast for some unknown reason.

Ardy says the Boneheads often slip on the video spills and that they often spray it into each other's faces. Ardy appears at the start of several episodes to report "video spills" (which are probably cuts in the movie made for time).

Kingchrome liquid appears as different colors for different movies. Any meaning for the different colors is currently unknown.


  • The name Kingachrome was presumably inspired by Kodachrome, a type of color film used for cinematography and still photos that was introduced by Eastman-Kodak in 1935.

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