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Kinga Forrester
Played by Felicia Day
First appearance Bring Back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Kickstarter
Update #8
Character type Regular

Kinga Forrester is the new "Mad" in Joel Hodgson's revival season of MST3K. She appeared (in character) in the video accompanying the Kickstarter campaign's eighth update portrayed by Felicia Day. She is shown to be in control by the way she bosses everyone around, including Joel and new host, Jonah Heston (who she refers to as a "big stack of flapjacks").

She is the daughter of Dr. Clayton Forrester and the granddaughter of Pearl Forrester.[1] Her assistant is TV's Son of TV's Frank. She is in command of Moon 13, a research station that serves as their lair.

Behind the scenes

  • Felicia Day has apparently been a fan of the show since she was young and saw Joel Hodgson at a convention and "went up to get a picture with him because I wanted to rub it in my brother Ryon's face". This encounter inspired Joel to ask her to join the show. [2]
  • In developing the character, Joel Hodgson stated that the character needed to be able to be "both comedic and threatening... and if possible, both at the same time", "formidable woman in the Forrester family line", needed to have red hair since he "always felt the Forrester clan were from Scandinavian backgrounds" and "should be someone who could be threatening, and could have moments of true irrational rage". Joel met Felicia at the Salt Lake ComicCon and made an inquiry via Twitter as to whether she would be interested in joining the show. Her answer was, Yes pleassssssssss@sse".[3]


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  3. Kickstarter update #8: Meet The Next Mad, Crow & Servo of MST3K

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