MST3k- Juan Piquer Simon

Juan Piquer Simón.

Juan Piquer (who calls himself "Simon" to attract foreign, i.e., English-speaking, investors) resides in Madrid, Spain, where he has produced and directed "exploitation" pictures for two decades running. Many of his films typically reused some of the same actors, including Frank Brana. He owns his own studio and creates and/or designs many of the impressive special-effects sequences you see in any of his many imaginative undertakings. He grew up loving American cinema as a child in Franco's Spain and even worked with some famous American filmmakers when they shot in Spain in the 1960s before becoming a director himself.

A typical Piquer film will have numerous "older technique" special effects, such as matte paintings, rubber-suited monsters, etc. Typically uses the standard film technique of reverse footage to create certain effects.[1]


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