John Diehl (born May 1, 1950 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) is a veteran American television and film actor best known for his recurring roles on "Miami Vice", "The Shield" (with Michael Chiklis) and "Point Pleasant". He appears in Experiment 403 City Limits as a character who stupidly walks into a trap by a rival gang and pays for it with his life. Other film credits include: Escape from NY (with Donald Pleasence), Whore (with Danny Trejo), Gettysburg (with Tom Berenger), Roland Emmerich's Stargate, Amanda & the Alien (with Michael Dorn), Three Wishes (with Patrick Swayze), Nixon (with Anthony Hopkins), Foxfire, Con Air (again with Trejo and also with Nicolas Cage), Most Wanted (with Jon Voight), Jurassic Park III, Land of Plenty and The Lucky Ones.