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Jack Richard Nelson Betts (born April 11, 1929 in Miami, Florida, USA), also credited as "Hunt Powers", is an American actor of film, stage, and television. A member of the Actors Studio, he started his career as a leading man in spaghetti westerns, including playing the popular Django character, before taking a career in supporting roles in American films.

He portrayed various characters on "The F.B.I.", "Perry Mason" and the soap opera "The Guiding Light". He also portrayed various characters in the Joel Schumucher films Falling Down, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin and 8MM (with Nicolas Cage). Additional film credits include: Office Space, Critical Mass (with Treat Williams), Spider-Man, The Commission (with Joe Don Baker), Vendetta: No Conscience, No Mercy, Being Michael Madsen and Mardi Gras: Spring Break. He is also long-time pals with acting alum and RiffTrax guest riffer Fred Willard.


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