Iris Margarita Peynado Luperon (born June 10, 1958 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) is an Italian model and actress who appeared in Experiment 911 Devil Fish and RiffTrax's Warriors of the Wasteland.

Born the daughter of Altagracia Luperon and Julio Peynado, a wealthy lawyer from a distinguished political family, Iris attended the Colegio Santa Teresita in Santo Domingo , having studied theater and acting with Romulo Rivas at Teatro Estudiantil, and dance at Clara Elena Ramirez.

At 18 the Peynado moved to England to study English and theater . During his time in London , he meets a young Italian who later marry. The couple suffered a girl named Laila and moved to Italy, but soon divorced. She was later discovered by Federico Fazzuoli and later remarried in 1993 and had a daughter, Minerva.

Among her best known films are Attila Scourge of God (1982), where she plays the Maga Columbia and Nothing Left to Do but Cry (1984), where she plays the character of Astriaja. She later appeared in The hill of the Devil (1988) by Vittorio Sindoni with Tony Musante.


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