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Hired! is a song from the episode, Bride of the Monster.


Bots: (in a whisper) He's hired. He's hired. He's hired. He's hired.

Joel: I'm hired.

Bots: He’s hired.

Joel: I hope I don't get fired.

Bots: He's hired.

Joel: In forty years I'll be retired. But for now, I'm simply hired.

Bots: He's hired. He's hired. He's hired. He's hired.

Joel: I got a job today.

Bots: He's hired.

Joel: I'm selling Chevrolets.

Bots: He's hired.

Joel: I'm bringing home good pay.

Bots: He's hired.

Joel: I just got hired.

Bots: He's hired. He's hired. He's hired. He's hired. He got a job today.

Joel: Yeah, me!

Bots: He's selling Chevrolets.

Joel: We're gonna get awnings.

Bots: He's bringing home good pay.

Joel: Maybe even dessert. (at same time with bots next line) I just got hired.

Bots: He just got hired.


(music changes)

Joel: I was wondering if you'd like to see my--

Gypsy: No!

Joel: But I really think you should see my--

Tom: No!

Joel: It's got a lovely--

Gypsy: No!

Joel: And if only you would--

Crow: No!

Bots: Can't you see we're trying to tell you no!

(music changes)

Tom: (spoken) Ahh.

(singing) Zeros, zeros.

None of my salesmen has ever sold a car.

Sometimes I think I might be pushing them too far.

I think I'll hit the bar

And try to get my mind off zeros.

Gypsy: Zeros.

Tom: Zeros.

Gypsy: Zeros.

Tom: All of my salesmen are zeros.

(music changes)

Crow: Good evening, sonny.

Tom: Hi, Dad.

Crow: You look depressed.

Tom: I am.

Gypsy: Come on and have some lemonade.

Tom: Thanks, Mom, but that won't help.

Crow: Just get it off your chest.

Tom: Okay. I suck at my job.

Crow: No, you don't.

Tom: Yes, I do.

Gypsy: Oh, my.

Tom: My salesmen are slobs.

Crow: No, they aren't.

Tom: Yes, they do.

Crow and Gypsy: Huh?

Tom: I'd like to make a sale, but what can I do? I'm gonna be a failure just like you, Dad.

Crow: Like me?

Tom: That's right, I'll be a failure just like you!

Crow: (spoken) Why, you, son of a ragalfragen...

Joel: (spoken) Extry, extry, read all about it! Pearl Harbor bombed! Roosevelt declares war!

Tom: (spoken) Well, that's it!

Crow: What's it?

Tom: Uncle Sam's gonna need cars. Why, selling Chevrolets is gonna help the war effort.

Don't ya see, Dad? Come on


All: (singing) See the U.S.A. in your Chev--

Joel: (spoken) Stop! We got Commercial Sign.

Tom: (spoken) For crying out loud!

Crow: (spoken) What's the point?

Joel: Commercial Sign.

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