Happy Thoughts is a song from the episode, Tormented.



Joel: Oh there's a marshmallow rainbow waiting for you, with kitties and doggies too.

Crow: And a Super Soaker 200, too and I just got ten dollars from Grandma, and I don't have to share it with no-one.

Tom: And we all get to go to the Vali-Hi Drive-In in our pajamas, and watch the Star Wars triple feature dusk to dawn.

Joel: And my dad just became really good friends with Mike Connors of "Mannix" fame, and he's got me a triple-decker treehouse, and I'll swing down on my vine to my own zoo.

Crow: I'm having Libbyland dinners for breakfast, and King Vitaman for dinner, and the Good Humor truck rolled over in front of my house

Tom: And I live in the world of Super Mario Brothers, and we captured Rommel, and gave him to the President, and he gave me my own half-hour sitcom following "Cheers."

Crow and Tom: And there's no such thing as girls!

Joel: Oh, wait - I think you wanna think about that.

Tom: Hmm?

Joel: Whaddaya think, sirs?

[Deep 13]

Frank: (believing he is unobserved) And Mister Dr. Clayton Forrester will switch trains at the trainyard and there will be a horrible accident, for which Dr. Forrester will be blamed -- posthumously, of course. And then the robots and I will become really good friends and we'll be roommates with triple bunk beds, and we will stay up all night talking about really cool stuff (Dr. Forrester enters left, drops live grenade on floor, exits right) and they'll think I'm really neat, and then I'll invite them over to my house (Frank notices grenade) and we' Poopie!

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