Growler is a robot built by Jonah Heston. He is exceedingly easy-going, and enjoys playing the piano (but not in a show-off-y kind of way).

Despite Jonah's efforts to create an extremely likeable robot, Crow and Tom were hostile towards Growler. They later apologized to him after Jonah's presumed death during the wedding and stated that they would now treat Growler the way they treated Jonah: with a lot of mocking and stealing of his stuff. Growler simply took it in stride.

Growler was unfamiliar with the works of Leonard Cohen.

Behind the Scenes

  • Growler was voiced and operated by Russ Walko.
  • Growler first appeared in the final episode of Season 11. It remains to be seen if he will continue to appear in any subsequent episodes.
  • When introducing him, Jonah stated that he intended Growler to be as likable as Rowlf the Dog from The Muppets. The voice that Russ Walko uses as Growler is strongly reminiscent of Rowlf's.

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