Great Space Circus is a song performed in Experiment #1112 Carnival Magic by traveling ringmaster-slash-conman P.T. Mindslap as he tries to convince Jonah Heston, Crow, and Tom Servo into coming to his show.

The lyrics were by Joel Hodgson, Elliott Kalan, and Robert Lopez, with music by Robert Lopez.


P.T. Mindslap: Gather 'round, people, run over and see
The most fabulous thing in the whole galaxy
I'll sell you all tickets, just give me your dough
See the Great Space Circus Sho-ooo-ow!
Jonah: Do you guys want to go?
Crow: Well, I don't really know.
Tom: Why don't we just binge Season 2 of Fargo?
P.T. Mindslap: No! The Great Space Circus Sho-ooo-ow!
P.T. Mindslap: Now here's a great act, it's the greatest in fact
A fabulous quartet of a-ca-ro-bats
They're called Cirque Du Lune, they swing, and they swoon
It happens in the darkness when there isn't a moon
Tom: I guess you just take it on faith that they're there
Crow: As they glide invisibly through the dark air.
P.T. Mindslap: Well, who they are really, you'll never quite know
It's the Great Space Circus Sho-ooo-ow!
Jonah: That would be something to see
Tom: My good man, I agree
P.T. Mindslap: Nah, better to hear my great descriptions aurally.
Now in Ring 2, you'll hear me tell
Of strong men possessing an even stronger smell
Sniff as they lift with impossible ease
You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll possibly sneeze!
Crow: And that's in the dark, too?
Tom: He narrates it to you?
Jonah: So really, the audience won't have a clue
P.T. Mindslap: Well, who you smell really, you'll never quite know
It's the Great Space Circus Sho-ooo-ow!
Jonah: I'm an easy mark!
Crow: Let's go sit in the dark!
Tom: Though our problems with your show are increasingly stark!
P.T. Mindslap: No doubt when it's over, you'll feel like a schmoe!
It's the Great Space-
Jonah and the Bots: Circus-
All: Sho-oooooooooooow!
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