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Grant Baciocco, with Crow puppet. Image used with permission.

Grant Baciocco (born May 20, 1974) is an American puppeteer, actor, writer, and singer/songwriter.

Mr. Baciocco operated the Crow T. Robot puppet in the host segments for Turkey Day '14, Turkey Day '15, the Leaked 'Star Wars' Auditions short, and the Bring Back MST3K Marathon.

Grant has been announced at the operator of the Crow puppet for Season 11.

Grant Baciocco worked as a transcriber for Cinematic Titanic and appeared (in silhouette) as the Neck Snapping Solider in the production of Legacy of Blood.

Grant has identified The Crawling Eye, Manos: The Hands of Fate, Angels Revenge, and Prince of Space as among his favorite experiments from the Classic series.

Other Projects

Grant Baciocco is the only member of the comedy music band Throwing Toasters, which has opened for "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Grant Baciocco is the co-creator of the podcast "The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd", on which he performs the character Dr. Grant. Frank Conniff and Joel Hodgson have both provided voices for the podcast.


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