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The Gizmonic Institute Compound

Gizmonic Institute was a top research laboratory. The institute was a large building, shaped as both a gear and the letter 'G'. It stood about seven floors above ground, with at least 13 sub-basements. The institute had research and development in almost everything from bio-spheres to orbiting satellites, with advanced materials such as high-density Kevlar and molybdenum (as evidenced by the materials Joel scavenged to create Crow T. Robot.[1]

The facility was backed by a small mountain, with a sign reading "GIZMONIC INSTITUTE". Spacecraft could be launched from this mountain. Surrounding the facility was a large office building that was nearly twice the height of the institute itself. The office could deploy to launch spacecraft as well. Nearby was a restaurant ('Home of the big G burger'), as well as a church (which could deploy its roof as a satellite dish). Also present were a geodesic dome and a large construction crane.

Early Model

An early model of the Institute was several generic buildings surrounding the mountain, where craft would be launched from.


Dr. Clayton Forrester and Dr. Laurence Erhardt were employed as scientists and Joel Robinson was employed as a janitor. Despite their roles, Gizmonic was such a prestigious research facility that everybody, even janitors, were inventors.

Deep 13

It is speculated that the reason that Dr. Forrester chose Joel for the experiments on the Satellite of Love was resentment over the fact that Joel was consistently the better inventor in their Invention Exchanges.

Dr. Forrester and Dr. Erhardt communicated with Joel from the offices of Gizmonic in the KTMA episodes. In the first episode of the Comedy Channel Season 1 the doctors make it clear that their brand of experiment was frowned upon by Gizmonic and they had fled to an area known as Deep 13, named for being thirteen floors below ground level.

Gizmonic's Disappearance from the Plotline

Once Joel left in season 5 all mention of Gizmonic Institute were removed from the show. Joel holds the copyright on the word "Gizmonic" and used it in his comedy acts. He requested that the show refrain from using the word after his departure. This is apprently changing in the continuation with season 11 as GIzmonics is seen as the logo on new cast member Jonah.

Behind the Scenes

  • The church was an Atlas HO-scale "Town Series" church model number 606.[2]
  • The interior of the Gizmonic Institute was only depicted in the KTMA season, the title sequence of which ironically did not name the Institute (only saying that Joel "worked in a satellite loading bay") or depict its exterior. Two rooms in KTMA's building were used to represent the Institute; one of them was a vacant office, and the other was a mock television control room used to train new employees.


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