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Played by Bridget Jones
First appearance 817 - The Horror of Party Beach
Last appearance 820 - Space Mutiny
Location Roman Times
Character type Guest

Flavia was a Roman noble who appeared in the Roman Times arc of Mystery Science Theater 3000 's season 8. She was married to Callipygeas and rather jealous of Pearl Forrester's status as a "god". Suspicious of Pearl's "powers", Flavia set about undermining Pearl and Brain Guy's new-found status.

After Pearl bashed the popular "Mad Goth" (actually an amnesiac Professor Bobo) over the head with a stone tablet, Flavia learned the truth and sent them all to the dungeons. It is possible that she was killed when Bobo accidentally set the city on fire.

Flavia's name was apparently inspired by the nasally-voiced ranch owner from The Thing That Couldn't Die.

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