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Played by Bridget Jones
First appearance 817 - The Horror of Party Beach
Last appearance 820 - Space Mutiny
Location Roman Times
Character type Guest

Flavia is a Roman noble who appeared in the Roman Times arc of Mystery Science Theater 3000 's season 8. She is married to Callipygeas and rather jealous of Pearl Forrester's status as a "god". Suspicious of her "powers", Flavia set about undermining Pearl and Brain Guy's newfound status. It took Pearl bashing the "Mad Goth" (actually an amnesiatic Professor Bobo) upside the head with a stone tablet for Flavia to find a weakness that allowed her to arrest them and send them to the dungeons.

Flavia was named for the nasally-voiced ranch owner from The Thing That Couldn't Die. She presumably perished along with the other Roman inhabitants when Bobo knocked over a stack of lit candles, while escaping with Pearl Forrester and Brain Guy, which caused the city to be set on fire and destroyed.

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