Eric Roberts (born April 18, 1956) is a Golden-Globe nominated actor who has starred in over 300 motion pictures and television shows. He is best known for being the older brother of acclaimed actress Julia Roberts and for his roles in films such as The Pope of Greenwich Village, Runaway Train (with Danny Trejo), the first two Best of the Best films, National Security, The Dark Knight (with Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman), The Expendables (with Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger), Lovelace and Inherent Vice.

He has had recurring or lead roles on shows such as "C-16: FBI", "Falcone", "Less Than Perfect", "The L-Word", "Heroes", "Crash", "CSI", "The Finder", "The Young and the Restless" and "Suits". Roberts has also guest-starred on shows such as "Oz", "Touched by an Angel", "CSI: Miami", "Chuck", "Burn Notice", "Femme Fatales", "Glee" and "Justified". He also played an incarnation of The Master in the American Doctor Who television movie aired in 1996.

In his book Movie Megacheese, Michael J. Nelson notes that the 1991 Bruce Willis film The Last Boy Scout not only was flat-out awful but has Willis speaking dialogue more at home in an Eric Roberts movie. He is also referenced by the SOL crew during Experiment 202's The Side Hackers and by the Mads in Experiment 909's Gorgo. The Dark Knight and The Expendables were both riffed by RiffTrax; the first was taken on by Mike, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett while the latter was a RiffTrax Presents title with the riffing duty given to Matthew J. Elliott.


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