Emby Mellay head shot (circa 1971)

Emby Mellay was born on October 31, 1946 in Trenton, NJ, relocating during her childhood first to Montreal and, later, to Los Angeles. She graduated from Fairfax High School in West Hollywood and attended Pierce College. While working as secretary for the legendary Hollywood acting coach Estelle Harman, the petite beauty took an interest in acting herself, auditioned for Harman and was accepted as a student in her workshop. Soon she was cast as the lead in the supernatural horror film for which she is known, The Touch of Satan.

Following that performance, she was cast in a film with Brandon De Wilde to be titled "God Bless You Uncle Sam," eventually retitled Wild in the Sky and then shelved for years due to DeWilde's untimely death in a car accident. But having now experienced the emotional demands of \film-making first hand, she decided to take a different path. She \married in 1976 and is now known as Emby Searson. She has two sons, including one in administration for a Major League Baseball team, and works as an outside sales representative.

MST3K Appearances

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